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Abdullah, 1994, He has a crazy passion for music, his facial expressions never change as if he is seeing a ghost 24/7, he pays a lot of attention to details, he wants everything to be perfect, and any criticism is always welcome to him.

Abdullah Ahrari


Fahad, 1998, he never has time for negativity, doesn’t really care a lot, his life is all about sports and gym. Always quiet and a very very excellent listener if other friends have problems.

Fahad Almatrooshi


Matar, born in 1994, such an attention seeker, always wants to bring good vibes, but always gets picked up on. Always adds a different flavor when he is around. Matar loves fashion, especially sneakers! he has to have his coffee dose every day. He is a big fan of football and a professional bowler. Finally, Matar loves to prove people wrong and he will do the impossible to achieve it.

Matar Almehairi


Saeed, 1994, is a workaholic, a Duracell Bunny, that’s because he seeks success and wants to live every single moment happy. He thinks making everyone around him happy is his responsibility and makes a change when he is around. Addicted to coffee, sneakers, fashion and he doesn’t like to sit alone. His friends look up to him as the Kevin Hart of the group, without him everything pauses. He acts like he doesn’t care but deep down he does, about every tiny detail. His friends are more than brothers to him and that's what makes his shows special.


Saeed Alhalyan


Saif, 1998, known to silly no matter how serious the situation, he likes to ignore problems by simply acting stupid. Sometimes Saif prefers to be alone and think about every small meaningless detail that would make his life more fun.

Saif Aljasmi

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