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The Cuspers Trailer

The Cuspers Trailer

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“Sometimes having fun with your best friends is all the therapy you need.”

– Unknown Author!

Who are we..

Based in Dubai-UAE, Five guys, Abood, Fahad, Matar, Saeed, and Saif, have all met by chance during the massive pandemic in 2020. They all decided that they wanted to give the world a dose of joy and spread relief in times of fear. And so, the Cuspers was born.

Today, when almost everyone around the globe shifted to digital platforms, especially during the 2020 pandemic, and most of their daily routines are linked to the World Wide Web, The Cuspers gambled on a new venture and took the comedy road. They proposed an idea of becoming post-pandemic Youtube Vloggers and took an oath to post weekly funny videos that began with a challenge and ended with an ultimate embarrassing punishment for the losers.


Speaking of the word 'Cuspers' it generally relates to people born within three to five years of the beginning or end of a generation. Examples of Cuspers are those born on the edges of Millennials and Gen X, Gen X to Baby Boomers, or even Millennials to Gen Z. Cuspers are essentially a mix of the generations on both sides of their birth year.

In other words, The Cuspers are those who played Snake on Nokia 3310 and downloaded Fortnite on iPads.

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